On Wednesday 22nd, the presentation event of the H2E supply chain, of which the company is the leader, was held at Techinnova‘s headquarters. The initiative, held in collaboration with Fondazione Cluster Smart Cities & Communities and Associazione Cluster Lombardo della Mobilità, saw the active participation of numerous industry experts and representatives of companies involved in the projects.

The focal point of the event was the presentation of the winning projects of regional calls dedicated to hydrogen production and use. Prominent among them was the H2E – Hydrogen to Everyone project, which aims at the creation in Lombardia of a cross-sector supply chain for the production, storage and use of green hydrogen, following circular economy principles and contributing to the transition to a more sustainable future.

During his speech, Techinnova CEO Riccardo Roggeri explained how the eco-sustainable supply chain works, emphasizing how the integration of hydrogen into production and logistics processes can empower boats, agricultural tractors and city compaction vehicles, thus shaping a collaborative and green world.

Simone Venturini, head of R&D at Nutritech, and Andreas Hummer, CEO of Acca Industries, further elaborated on specific aspects of their companies within the H2E supply chain.

The presentations of the winning projects opened the door to a roundtable discussion among the participants, which became a fertile ground for discussion and networking. The goal was to stimulate synergies and identify mutual opportunities to accelerate the development and implementation of hydrogen-based solutions.

The event thus represented a significant step toward making sustainable and affordable hydrogen supply chains a reality. Techinnova and its partners are at the forefront of hydrogreen innovation, ready to contribute in a tangible way to building a greener and more efficient future.

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