The 2022 edition of IFA Berlin, the international exhibition held from September 2 to 6, 2022 at Messe Berlin, ended yesterday, Tuesday, September 7.

The event, back in attendance after a shutdown that lasted since 2019, hosted on an area of 285,000 m2 about 2,000 companies operating in hi-tech from more than 45 countries, as well as nearly 240,000 visitors from all over the world.


During the exhibition event, the Tuttotondo Team – as members of the Italian delegation headed by the Berlin office of ICE/ITA (Italian Trade Agency) – had not only the chance to explore a wide range of technological solutions and applications related to different branches of the Life Sciences sector, but also the opportunity to participate in important networking sessions and to present the latest results obtained within their R&D projects.

Within this world-class technology showcase, the Team presented to investors, industry professionals, and others stakeholders – variously interested in the topic of technological innovation – its latest R&D project in the field of Sustainable Tourism: the TRATOO project.


Fascinated and attracted by a three-dimensional model of the Milan Cathedral that was 3D printed by engineers from the Techinnova incubator’s FabLab, visitors learned about the outputs of TRATOO, a project that brings together three seemingly distant worlds: Culture, Technology and Augmented Reality. In particular, interlocutors were shown how the use of advanced GPS localization and Augmented Reality technologies have envisioned new horizons for the tourism sector, which can now have a state-of-the-art navigation system and create theme-based tourist routes tailored to the user and designed as walkable itineraries, in view of Sustainable Tourism. In fact, Tuttotondo has worked synergistically with project partner companies to decline the digital technologies of AR and Mixed Reality in the creation of an App for smartphones and latest-generation devices to offer visitors guided walking itineraries within cities of art, with the possibility of direct and fast enjoyment of architectural, artistic and cultural heritage: with the TRATOO App it is possible to have access to descriptions and 360-degree videos of monuments that are often difficult to access, such as many churches in Milan whose exteriors can only be seen. The routes are customizable according to the needs and travel time that the tourist can dedicate to the visit; this is thanks to the proprietary GPS tracking software module and the use of Artificial Intelligence methods to build the pedestrian routes.


In line with the versatility of Tuttotondo’s business paradigm, at the fair the task group presented to important innovation players – as well as “amateur” visitors who are technology lovers – the ROG (Real Organ Generation) project, related to the MedTech sector. Visitors were offered the opportunity to experience our high-tech software platform, characterized by Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence technologies, and aimed at not only educational and training paths, but also diagnosis and surgical simulation. The “testers,” in fact, were given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a 360-degree virtual environment in which they could interact with the organs and instruments in the operating room. It only took them wearing a helmet and grabbing a pair of triggers, and then they began operating in a virtual environment as real surgeons equipped with scalpels and surgical scissors.


As a result, new business matching opportunities emerged, as well as extraordinary opportunities to evaluate possible future collaboration agreements with foreign counterparts, in terms of Open Innovation and technology transfer.

Ultimately, IFA 2022 proved to be an excellent opportunity for Tuttotondo to learn about foreign developments in the creation of new production facilities that meet current needs, as well as to build new collaborative relationships in developing current and future joint R&D projects.